Ranging from essay films to documentary and dramatic short films, Simon Schultz’s work has been showed at art and film festivals on four continents, including:

In his cinematic work, he is interested in creating, showing and representing the condition of affective communities. He uses personal connections in different emotional states of arousal, euforia, and exhaustion as productive visual devices. On an aesthetical level, he discusses affective use of colors, human forms, and the materiality of film.



Family of Kink · 15min, digital
For individuals that experienced loss, disownment, and expulsion, kinship has a specific meaning and importance. Reframing the concept of family, queer people build a strong community. This experimental short is an assemblage of interpersonal situations, focusing on gestures of bonding.
Hamburg, Germany · September 2018


Himmel über Wasser · 4min, digital
In 1978 José Agrippino de Paula and Maria Esther Stockler produced "Ceu sobre agua". In inner exile from the military dictatorship, they look at their home in Bahia. Hypnotic frames, details of bodies, sky, water, and a repetitive soundtrack are their tools. Four decades later, Gitte Schmitz is looking for an actualization. Boiling the film down from 20 to four minutes, she substitutes Bahia's nature with industrial utility area on the river Elbe. A European echo to Brazilian Tropicália.
Hamburg, Germany · July 2018

Film still: Himmel Über Wasser


Dancer as Insurgent · 18min, digital
Benjamin Hart is a Chicago based dancer and activist. Growing up as a Queer of Color in New York he found his home in the Ballroom Scene. Voguing as a danceform had a big impact not only on his approach to movement and dancing. It also plays a big role in his life in terms of body politics as well as artistic and activist practice. This artist portrait looks at his use of Voguing as method of radical emancipation and social justice education.
Hildesheim, Germany · September 2015

Film still: Dancer as Insurgent


Second Hand · 5min, 16mm
A performer is getting ready to float. His tools are: shaving cream, black paint, and tweezers.
Cambridge, MA · April 2015

Film still: Second Hand


play it again, sistergold! · 3min, digital
Interviewing the musical quartet Sistergold this short film humorously transmits the musicians' passion for Saxophone. An instrument that “expresses power and freedom” being able to “let the energy flow from Earth’s center into the body.“ (Collaboration with Gwendolen van der Linde, Winner of the Summerwinds Festival Cinema Award 2016, Münster)
Hildesheim, Germany · September 2016

Film still: play it again, sistergold!


Queer Zine Archive Project (QZAP) · 11min, digital
For ten years, Chris Wilde, Milo Miller, and their team have collected and scanned queer fan zines from around the globe. Their online archive "Queer Zine Archive Project (QZAP)" is the result of their community effort to make queer knowledge accessible for everyone.
Berlin, Germany · August 2013

Queer Zine Archive Project (QZAP)


trans*march · 5min, digital
The 10th annual trans*march took place on June 28th 2013 in San Francisco, CA. As the most politicized of the three marches during pride week in San Francisco it has a tradition of raising visibility of trans*-people and their issues. This short documentary is a collection of queer voices during the trans*march 2013 and reflects parts of the recent discussions concerning the trans*- and LGBT-movement. (Collaboration with Greg Greene)
Toronto, Canada · June 2013

Film still: trans*march


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